Lamanpuri, Kuantan

A Pioneer Honeycomb Community in Kuantan

Located only five minutes from the town center, a housing developer in Pahang is introducing a new housing concept.

In this modern re-creation of the Malay kampong, small groups of houses are clustered around garden courtyards like friends sitting around a table, each of these small groups of households forming a compact neighbourhood.

Cars have to slow down in the winding roads in the cul-de-sacs. Children can play right in front of their homes, under the shady trees. There is space for weddings and kenduris.

The community clubhouse, surau and shops are located within the project. And schools are just minutes away.

A community to belong to,
An environment to cherish,

A home to be proud of...

at prices that are equivalent to normal terrace


Momo said...

It's a revolution in the world of architecture. The designs was eye catching. The concept mainly about harmonization of a community.

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