Site Location

The proposed development is in Kuantan, Pahang, only about 5 minutes from the town center. The 20 acres site is at the boundary between the Bandar Indera Mahkota new township, and Kuantan. This new town which started about 10 years ago, comprises mainly single storey or double storey terrace houses at about 12 units an acre.

The new development is able to share many of the social amenities of the new town - shools and neighbourhood playing fields are within walking distances. Fronting the development is a major road with bus routes.

The proposed Honeycomb development, the first of its kind, provides a strong contrast against the linear development of the ubiquitous terrace housing in the area.

We try to create communities by creating streets that are safe from
traffic and strangers. The winding roads (with the straight
stretches decreasing from 150m(500') in the distribution road to 25m(80') in the
cul-de-sac) slows traffic down to below 10kph in front of the houses.
The Honeycomb layout produces a hierarchy of private (house),
semi-private (garden), semi-public (courtyard), and public areas
(distribution road). In particular, the courtyard is a place where
residents can collectively exert their influence, with eyes on the
street and knowing who belongs and who does not. The street is thus
made safe for children to play.

Connecting the courtyards are footpaths cum jogging track running around the development. It is only a short distance to the community facilities for prayer, sports, meetings,day care, bus-stop and a row of shophouses.
'Try leaving the car at home, interact with your neighbours.
Re-create your grand parents’ lifestyle and belong once again to a friendly cooperative community...'