The Honeycomb Community

Honeycomb Cul-de-sac Homes: Creating Friendly Communities

Only sixteen houses form a small ‘courtyard neighborhood’ - where children play together and parents meet frequently and informally. This is part of a larger cul-de-sac with at most 38 houses, well known to each other. In the new and unique housing scheme in Kuantan families enjoying their own privacy yet all within walking distance and self organised into a secure community which knows and cares for each other. The way it use to be ...

Providing Safe Streets for a Community to Grow

The innovative honeycomb layout produces a hierarchy of spaces from public areas (distribution road). semi-public ('courtyard'), semi-private (garden) and private (house).
Children can once again play with each other outside their houses, unsupervised but under the watchful eye of parents and caring neighbours. Where strangers are immediately noticed ....

Recreating the `Kampong' scene

We provide shared and public spaces that are pleasant and useful to residents. In front of every house is found a courtyard park, shaded with large canopy trees. Perfect for young children and chatting with neighbors.


Tamu Rindu
Quadruplex houses that look like semi-dees, expected price starting from RM193,000

Anjung Kasih
Groups of six semi-detached houses, expected price starting from RM214,000

Jendela Hati
Back to back semi-detached houses, expected starting price, from RM387,000